Positive Progress

This month I will reach a milestone of two years without any seizures. … More Positive Progress


Zoom… maybe?

After the disaster of yesterday I managed to get to both of my doctor appointments today. I was exhausted because I had to take my morning meds last night, so nothing helped me sleep, so I only got about 2 hours of the glorious unconscious time. I was still good at answering the necessary doctor … More Zoom… maybe?

Vacation Fun Time

We recently returned from our regular fall break vacation. This year, we went to Orlando to enjoy some theme park adventures. I scheduled the vacation months ago, so I put pressure on my family to leave me here if I wasn’t released from the hospital on time, but luckily things tumbled together with hours to … More Vacation Fun Time

Catching Up Part 5: Waiting, wanting, and trying new things

After my seizures started again in October 2014, it was difficult for me to bounce back. The dosages on my anti-seizure meds had to go up, and I had to try new meds. My lupus symptoms got worse. I started having flares, and was not able to get out of bed every day. I’m sure … More Catching Up Part 5: Waiting, wanting, and trying new things