Caffeine – you seductive, evil bastard!

In the past few years many doctors have told me to stop consuming caffeine. … More Caffeine – you seductive, evil bastard!


New Year, New Doctors, New Diagnosis

Our insurance changes so often these days I’ve just learned to go with the flow as I change primary care doctors. I’ve managed to keep my specialists the same over the years, but I change primary care doctors ever year-ish. My new doctor is fantastic! I like him. He is very decisive, and sends me off for the tests that I need, and off to the new specialists he wants me to see without a lot of drama. Also, I’m getting my yearly physical therapy bonus. Woohoo! … More New Year, New Doctors, New Diagnosis

Zoom… maybe?

After the disaster of yesterday I managed to get to both of my doctor appointments today. I was exhausted because I had to take my morning meds last night, so nothing helped me sleep, so I only got about 2 hours of the glorious unconscious time. I was still good at answering the necessary doctor … More Zoom… maybe?