Positive Progress

This month I will reach a milestone of two years without any seizures (I hope!) Because of this, my neurologist and I discussed my medications at my last appointment, and decided that I could stop one of the 4 anti-seizure medications that have been on for the last couple couple of years.

Epilepsy Problems 71: Having bizarre dreams and wondering if it's due to your new medication or if it's just a bizarre dream.I have spent six weeks weaning myself off of depakote with no problems. One strange thing is that I’m having dreams again. I don’t even remember the last time I had a dream, but the first night I had one when my depakote dose was low enough for them to come back was VERY strange. I’m not really sure if I like having dreams again because they are weird as hell, but I’m sure it’s better than taking the medicine.

One problem with the timing of weaning me off of my medication was the fact that I’m in school now. I decided to drop one of my very difficult classes, and I will take it in the fall. Brain alterations while trying to use my brain to its greatest capacity didn’t seem like the best plan. I already have my easier summer classes scheduled, so they will allow me time with my kiddos

My last seizure was in April of 2015 at my chiropractor’s office. It was an absence seizure which was different from all of my previous seizures. The next month I had my vagus nerve stimulator (VNS) installed, and things have remained pretty stable since then. I’ve had some auras, but no seizures. My neurologist is happy with my progress.

I’m hoping as time goes on that I’ll be able to lower the doses, or maybe even get off of some of my other anti-seizure meds. Hopefully another year will go by, and I’ll get to have another discussion about altering my meds. The side effects are no fun, not that seizures are, but if my condition is under control, I’m hoping my doses can be lowered in the long run. The ultimate goal is to strive to stop seizures completely, and I’ll deal with the side effects as long as I don’t have to deal with seizures.

I'm fine.Right now, my lupus treatments are getting a bit more extreme, so it would be nice for some other treatment to get a bit easier. There’s a lot of literature about how much exercise will help with the disease, so I’ve been working out for my general health, and also to help with my lupus, but mostly I just end up in a constant state of aches and pains, but slightly better shape. I guess it’s worth it? My rheumatologist gave me some better pain killers to help me sleep through the pain at my last appointment, so I guess he thinks it’s worth the pain. I’ll keep it up. I will say that my workouts did help me survive the ordeals of my latest family vacation.


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