Fallout of My New Adventure

I decided late this summer that I wanted to go back to school. I couldn’t seem to get a job in my previous career, so screw it. I would learn something new, something I like more. I chose to go for an associates degree as a radiology tech.

Courage is asking for a time out, to shed a tear, to dust yourself off, and then getting back in the right to fight like you've never fought beforeI thought about going for a masters, but with the price of education these days versus the return, it really wasn’t worth it. I paid off my student loans years ago, and I don’t want more of them. Plus, the reality is that I may not ever really get to enjoy the work that I’m learning about.

My doctors look at me in horror when I tell them that I’ve gone back to school, the disability advisors look at me in horror when they see my medical records, and tell me to be very careful while I try to go to classes. One of the big reasons I have done this is to leave the house, to use my brain again. Doing math is fantastic! Trying to memorize things now that parts of my brain have been damaged pretty much sucks, but whatever. I will do whatever I can to reach my new dream. I have a bad habit where I never just dip a toe into the water, I dive all the way in. We’ll see what happens.

I spent most of last year in bed. First, waiting for a new medication to ease my fatigue and pain from lupus, recovering from surgery getting my VNS installed, and then months of pneumonia. I don’t want to do that again. This year I’m getting used to another new lupus drug that helps me for almost one week of the month, and my rheumatologist and I are still deciding if I’m going to stick with it.

One thing that gave me a huge laugh yesterday was that after a couple years of trying to go back to work with no success, I got a random phone call from some people offering me a job while I was studying biology at lunch with my bio lab partner. I think I should take my resume off of the internet. I laughed, and said, “no, thank you!” LOL!


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