A battery to complicate things

My phone is acting up. It has been misbehaving for a few weeks, but now it is to the point where I need a new phone, or someone needs to fix it. Now! I have been on a mission to make this happen for over a week now, and still I am failing.

I’m sure I will hear a lot about how people spend too much time looking at their phones, and they need to spend more time with the real world. My phone is my connection to the real world most of the time so, you know what, I need my connection to the outside world for many reasons, and I don’t have to justify them. Some of them are fun, and some of them are not, but they are mine, and I want/need a phone that works as it is supposed to work.

iphone6-ios8-phone-charging-errorBack to the story. My phone has been randomly shutting down at 60-70% power, and I can’t take it any more. I have been to the AT&T store for support now twice. I have called AT&T support now twice. I have gone through the AT&T and Apple support web pages so many times that I have lost count. I have been to the Apple store twice. Today I went to the Apple store to get the battery replaced on my phone. This was the final decision in the long list of options, all of which sucked, but that was it.

I finally got a technician to talk to me, he looked at my record from when I was there a couple of days ago, but that guy didn’t take any notes. I had to go through the whole thing. Again. He told me the many ways that I could be using my phone in a more productive way, and I informed him that I had already been lectured enough about, “how I was supposed to be using my phone, please just give me a battery.” He assured me that he wasn’t lecturing me, but I don’t see how it’s any of his business how I use my phone. If I can’t use the phone as I please what’s the point?! They even wanted me to disconnect my Embrace seizure detector that I’m beta testing.

We went through another long set of steps to say that he would really give me a battery, and I had to sign away part of my soul. He then tromped off with my phone, and assured me that he would be back when it had a new battery in it. He came back immediately. The batteries for my phone were out of stock. He told me that I would get a text message when the battery comes in, and I, “don’t even have to make an appointment,” to come back to get it installed. That’s when a table almost got flipped at the Apple store.

Instead I took a deep breath, and walked out of there to listen to some loud music in my car. They also want me to wipe my phone clean, and reinstall everything like it’s a new phone. What’s the point of having backups? What’s the point of having insurance? I have asked these questions, and many more on my trips to get my phone fixed, but I have yet to get any reasonable answers. Maybe one day soon I’ll have a phone that works again, or I’ll give up and buy a new one.

The really frustrating thing about this, especially today, is that 2 of the 3 other people getting their phones worked on while I was getting mine worked on had the same problem.


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